The main focus for this application is to utilize the work that´s being done at various institutions in describing a system, by using templates. 

This means that when an institution creates a template for a specific application/system, this template will be available for others to use when they decommission an instance of the same application/system. 

This means that the time used in describing the same system is minimized every time a system is decommissioned. 

Based on the SIARD-format, the national archives of Switzerland solution for extractions from relation data bases, Decom not only describe the tables the database consist of, but also the fields within the tables. This increases the quality of the decommissioning and the future preservation and use of the data. 

As such, the Decom application is made up of three parts. One Cloud based part for administration of organizations, their templates, users and access control. A client application (locally installed) for the actual decommissioning of systems and conversion of documents. 

When the user has done the description (utilized a template or made a new one) the result can be exported. The template is added to the cloud solution (and can be utilized by others) and the system produces the long-term preservation format (AIP).